About Us
Our philosophy at Lizard Apparel & Promotions


Customer endorsement: "Lizard Apparel takes care of our business."

Vision: To be the leading provider of branded uniform programs for the healthcare industry through use of integrated technologies that deliver quality product, streamlined processing and customer satisfaction.

Mission: We provide an unparalleled online industry solution by leveraging collaborative supply chain relationships to increase employee, company and patient satisfaction through:

  • Discipline standardization
  • Multiple site implementation
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A streamlined delivery system
  • Satisfied employees

Core Values:

  • Innovation to make the impossible possible
  • Leadership for our team, our customer, our company
  • Advocates for our customers
  • Respect for others in all we do
  • Enjoy our work and our lives

Look at the companies with whom you do business. What about them do you like? What do your best suppliers have in common? At the center of Lizard Apparel is making our programs the best and servicing the unique needs of the healthcare industry. If you have several locations with many employees, you need Lizard. If you have a program or are considering one, you need Lizard.